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March 12 Fitness

All right.

First off, if you’re still doing this with me. All right. And you haven’t missed a day. Congratulations. Cause I, I can almost guarantee you want, or you’re one of the one percentile that if they start something and they’ll continue it this long, especially when it comes to exercising and doing something that’s difficult at times. Now some people might once a week, a few times a week, but if you followed along and you’ve done this every single day, since we first started kudos to you, man. Good job. Excellent job. Amazing. If you have, I would love to work with you cause I, I don’t know a single person.

Nope. I don’t know one person that would have the drive or the discipline to continuously do this on a day in day out basis, run or ride the bike for an hour. So 20 miles on the bike and three mile run every day. I’m not sure very many people would do that. Now, if you’re joining me on trying to find the perfect concoction, when it comes to vitamin or vegetable water, even more kudos, that just means that you’re you’re that much more in tune with yourself than everybody else. And you understand you get it. You understand that. The only way we can progress is if we try new things, change equals change. If we keep doing the same thing over and over and over and over again, we’re never going to change. We’re never going to achieve what we’re trying to achieve. We’re never gonna reach the pinnacle, right?

We can’t have any little sexy catchphrase we want to, but at the end of it’s all the same. If you do not put in the work, you will not get the results that you want. Sometimes like you have to be a machine you really do like now. I mean, I’m feeling better. I liked my stomach. It’s it’s trimming down. I don’t, I’m not quite as Jubilee or juggling or whatever you want to call it. Pillsbury Doughboy as I feel better. All right. I feel better. I’m starting to, if you remember, it’s taken, I walked about three, four weeks since we hit that 30 miles or 30 minutes, it’s been about three weeks where I was like, we’re just trying to get to 30 minutes. We’re just trying to get to 30 minutes. It doesn’t matter. Now my focus is I want to be three miles before 30 minutes right now, once that becomes second nature, then we’re going to do more.

We’re going to try it more. We’re going, we’re going to push ourselves to that next level because that’s what we do every day. You got to push yourself to that next step, that next level of success. Now don’t be a fool and just have one goal and that’s it. And have it be so massive goal because you’re never going to reach it again. If you, if you’ve done, if you read the strategies, six strategies to conquer life, then your understanding or no, come up with that big goal, but then come up with 18 million little goals you need to accomplish to accomplish that big goal. Right? So right now, while you’re doing this before you take shower, what is your overall goal? And then think of 10 things that you can do every single day that will help you get to that goal. 10 things that are so small, you won’t even notice and start off just like we did right here. All you need is 10 minutes and you can change your life. It will transform your life. Rather go take a shower, got a little bit extra work. I gotta do that to have my afternoon or my basically nighttime vegetable water more nutrients and everything to calm me down. Just by learning some vegetables. I’ve learned some new things. So that’s cool. Got a whole bunch of new vegetables to try. Other than that. Yeah. Stay powerful. Stay up, stay motivated and forever young making money. Let’s go.

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