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March 13 Fitness

Man. That’s how it goes. Sometimes, really, truly yesterday I was ranting and raving how great I was feeling, how I made some great turn. And I was amazing. Pat myself on the back. Well, today was miserable. I did not make three miles, not even with running backwards. So it was beyond miserable. It was, it was pathetic. I’m huffing and puffing more than normal right now. But I am going to give you one small excuse. All right. Just, just so I don’t feel too bad. My stomach is burning right now. Like I got to go to the bathroom, but it just hasn’t gotten down to the point where I got to go to the bathroom. If that makes any sense. Um, besides that nothing I don’t really have much for today. Just keep going.

It was a miserable day. It really wasn’t like I didn’t even running was hard. I wasn’t feeling it. My, my throat was really dry, so it hurt to swallow. So for running for 30 minutes and not being able to swallow them, my mouth getting really dry pose, the terrible running situation. However I did get through it. So didn’t run as fast as I wanted. I wanted to walk on this league, but I didn’t allow myself to give up that easily. But that goes to show man, it’s in this journey, right? Because this journey could be our workout journey that we’re doing right now. It could be learning a new foreign language. It could be working on a relationship with your significant other. It could be whatever your journey is.

There’s always going to be good days. And there’s always gonna be days that are horrible, miserable days that you just, you don’t even understand why you’re trying, but it’s those days you have to remind or like remind yourself that tomorrow is a brand new day, right? So just the same amount of energy, how it changed from yesterday to today, that same amount of energy is waiting for me tomorrow. Right? Let me explain that a little bit better. I was motivated, excited, everything else, working on all cylinders yesterday. Well, today I’m not, but instead of thinking of today, tomorrow, I’ll just think of Friday. Today won’t even exist in my mental and my men and in my world, I’m not going to get myself a failure. All right. Whatever. I succeeded because I did it. I fulfilled on my little goal, but whatever, scratch it.

Don’t worry about it. Just get better tomorrow. Yeah. And even if you don’t get that, even if I don’t get to three miles in 30 minutes, who cares do a little bit better than a day, right. Start back over. So when I get to that 30 or that three months again, yeah. Maybe I’ll be able to maintain a little bit better than I was this time. So every day it’s just, it’s sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose, but as long as overall you’re steady progressing, then that’s all you can ask for. So again, it’s okay to fail. Just don’t stop progressing.

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