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March 6 Fitness

So today it was one of those days. I did my bike ride. Yeah, yeah. Did my morning exercise I company over today. So it distracted me from my daily routine and they were over for like six hours. So it’s when people enter my little bubble, it takes away from me because I’m very structured right now and I enjoy what’s going on. And, and I’m very focused on became a becoming the best me that I possibly can. So when other people come in, I have to sacrifice me time to allow other people into my life. That makes sense. Like it could be meetings or phone calls today was just extended. Usually you don’t hour, two hours. So today was majority all day. So it slowed me down. I wasn’t quite as motivated to get on a treadmill, but I still did it. I did it with the knowledge that I was not going to try to outrun myself today and go and work on speed. So with that knowledge, I was like, you know what? Let’s just work on distance. Because if you’ve noticed, I told you, some reason the 30 minute mark, I start getting really tired. So I was like, all right, let’s combat that feeling. All right. So let’s blow past the 30 minutes. All right. And what was bringing it back down to five, five miles per hour and we’ll run past 30 minutes and we’ll S we’ll. I mean, we’ll just run past 30 minutes.

What I did was this, I picked a a program which was 35 minutes. It took me maybe three minutes to find it. So I ended up running like closer to 37 minutes, 38 minutes. But the program no, I’m sorry. What I did is I ran about 15 minutes at five miles per hour to kind of build my stand on my then for about 10 minutes, maybe 12 minutes. I ran at 5.8 or 5.7, just to speed up a little bit work on my, you know, building my speed up. And then about 28 minutes, I, I slowed myself back down to five minute, five miles per hour. And at the 30 minute Mark, I did, I got tired for really no reason besides it was just 30 minutes and mentally 30 minutes, I’m tired. But today, since I changed, the thing changed it around.

And I was like, I’m going to run further. I ran further and I still ended up running my, my three miles, which is a success. I, what I have noticed this, that extra little bit of time it, or for the last three day or two days, my legs are jello. So I haven’t been running backwards. I’ve been backwards. So that is a downfall. But my, my right leg hip is hurting a little bit when I’m running. It kind of seems like for some, it just, it feels like that leg is longer than my left leg, which is just weird. So could just be my, my mind playing tricks on me, whatever, but the importance is when I’m walking backwards, I’m not walking backwards. Like just Sunday stroll, walking backwards. I’m trying to take as long as stretch, long steps as possible to stretch my legs out and build my, my range of motion.

So with that being said, we have one more day of laziness before we go to the juicing, the whole one month of juicing. So get ready for paying attention to a new little series coming out, whatever the juicing, how I feel every day, I’m nervous. I’m not gonna lie. I don’t see how the juice is going to fill me up. Cause I get hungry and then I’m not seeing how a whole bunch of water is gonna fill me up, but we’re gonna try it. We’re going to do it. I have a feeling, I just think I’m going to be starving, but we’re going to try it anyways. I’m almost done with my major project. I have to get that done so I can kind of pay attention to juicing. I want to be prepared, right? I don’t want to just go into it Willy nilly and not know what I’m talking about. At least not know what I’m talking about. So we’ve got one more day tomorrow, Sunday adding the weight hasn’t really changed the difference. It feels better actually. So it feels like I’m growing. So with that being said, I’m gonna take a shower. All right.

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