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March 8 Fitness

Most everything was pretty easy today. I didn’t know. I have the energy to start, not, not from lack of motivation, just lack of energy. Starving. today was stay one of just drinking juice, like, you know, using a juicer and basically drinking vegetables. It’s good. I don’t feel a difference. I wouldn’t expect that I would after only drinking juice twice, but it’s wearing me out. It’s just, I’m tired. I just not like I worked out really hard, tired. Just kinda just like, man, I’m hungry. I want some food, but it’s all right. I’m going to get through it. It’s it could just be the caffeine to the caffeine and the sugar. I could be going through detox because every morning I’m used to drinking coffee and sugar with a banana, which is also sugar. So that could be the big issue is my body’s like, where is the sugar?

Or give me a sugar. So I’m going to see how things go over the next few days. I’m really hungry. Like I said, I’m really hungry. I might, and I’m frustrated. Can’t use bananas and avocados and things. Cause I bought bananas and avocados for this whole purpose, but I’m thinking what I’m going to do is take the juice, dump it into the blender, blend it all together and then have my own banana and avocado kind of mixed smoothie slushy, whatever you want to call it because it’s going to be thicker. And I’m hoping that will fill my stomach and keep me going a little bit longer. So maybe have like a big, big glass of the banana in the morning and a big glass of avocado and you know, other little plants that I can’t, they don’t work in a juicer at nighttime to fill my stomach.

So we’ll feel, we’ll see it’s day one. We’re going to fiddle with it, but with the workout it’s going easy. The morning I’m going to, like, I’ve been talking about, I haven’t done it yet adding, you know, a hundred sit-ups I think I can do that. It’s not a problem. The bike is it’s kind of sporadic some days I’m at 20 miles under an hour. Some days it takes me an hour and five minutes to ride 20 miles. So it kind of changes each day, depending on what I’m watching. Some things I ride faster, some things I don’t today just cause I’m extra tired with my energy levels and kind of have a slight headache, but I, again, I think that’s because of the sugar. I ran for 19 minutes I ran at five miles per hour and then for 11 mile or basically it was about 13 minutes, 13, 14 minutes.

I ran, yeah. At 5.8. So I still ran three miles, but it took me over 30 minutes, but it’s all good. Again, I’m fine with that. It’s expected until I can really get this juicing thing under, under control and since how my body’s going to feel I don’t want to overdo myself cause like I said, I’m really hungry. But other than that, yeah, I’m gonna take shower and figure out what kind of vegetables I’m gonna put together for dinner and kind of big juice on when a drink. Ooh, I’m excited. All right. Talk to you later.

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