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Mcdonald’s Is One Of The Largest Real Estate Holding Companies In The World, With Over 37,000 Locations In Over A Hundred Countries Servicing More Than 70 Million Customers A Day. Mcdonald’s Corporation Revenues Come From Rent, Royalties And Fees Paid By The Franchisee. They Also Generate Revenue From Sales And Company-Operated Restaurants. Mcdonald’s Corporation Is The Second Largest Private Employer Behind Walmart With 1.7 Million Employees Worldwide. There’s About 2700 Company-Owned Locations. Of Their 30000 Plus Franchise Locations 21000 Locations Are Franchise To The Conventional Franchisee, 7000 Locations Are Licensed To Developmental Licenses And Over 6,000 Locations Are License To Foreign Affiliates. 

What Makes Mcdonald’s A Real Estate Conglomerate:

 Mcdonald’s Corp Owns All The Land On Which Its Restaurants Are Situated. It Was Proposed That They Turned The Real Estate Holdings Into A Real Estate Investment Trust However The Ceo At The Time Stated It Would Pose Too Much Of A Risk To The Original Business Model. Mcdonald’s Has Such A Large Reach That The Economist Newspaper Uses A “Big Mac Index” Where They Compare The Cost Of Big Macs Around The World With Switzerland Being The Most Expensive Big Mac And India Being The Cheapest. In 2019 Mcdonald’s Corp Purchased Apprente An Artificial Intelligence Voice-Based Technology To Replace Human Servers At It’s Drive-Throughs.