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Walk With A Purpose

Walk with a purpose always and everywhere. The origin of this lesson comes from CEDU Ascent. Not everything that came out of this program was good. However, walk with a purpose was something we should all take a part of. So when you get to CEDU, they had this thing called walk with a purpose everywhere you went, it doesn’t matter if you were going to the potty circle, it doesn’t matter if you were going to get something to eat, it didn’t matter if you were running to the showers, it didn’t matter whatever you were doing, you had to be running. Unless it was raining, weather permitting. If it was not raining outside, the reason that you wouldn’t run in the rain, because they didn’t want you to fall or hurt yourself, or if it was snowing because it would snow out there as well or hail.

So weather permitting. If it was a nice day outside, everywhere you had to go, you had to basically trot. What they were instilling in our heads was to walk with a purpose, no matter where you go, don’t just do something just to do it, right? If you’re going to do something, get from point A to point B as fast as you can, not sprint, because you’ll just get yourself tired, or wear yourself out. But walk with a purpose meant basically run. We have a purpose to get from point A to point B and we’re going to get there. All right, let’s get into the lesson. 

Walking Without A Purpose. We have walking slow, we have moving slow. Those are two different things. Not having energy, being monotonous. Same thing every week, friends are underachievers and procrastination.

Walking Slow, if you’ve ever watched somebody on a Sunday stroll, right? They literally call it a Sunday stroll where they’re not walking with a purpose. They’re strolling enjoying the nature or the fresh air, the cool brisk breeze, whatever you want to call it, that’s walking slow. Well, no, that’s actually not even walking slow because they have a purpose, right? So when you’re on a Sunday stroll, that’s still walking with a purpose because you have a purpose to take in the nature, to take in serenity to do whatever it is how that benefits you. Well, we’re talking about walking slow is somebody that has a destination, they’re going somewhere, but they’re not moving very fast, right? They’re hanging out, talking to their buddies, talking on telephone, trying to walk and video chat. Just think about that. You’re trying to video chat and walk, which you’re looking in the camera and walking forward, which doesn’t make much sense. You’re not walking with a purpose, you’re walking slow, you’re all over, you can’t really walk into a straight line, you might actually walk into something, right?

You’re not walking with a purpose at all. And so that’s basically what we’re talking about right here. Walking slow, you’re not paying attention, you’re walking as if you have all the time in the world without a care in the world. It doesn’t matter that people could be waiting for you, it doesn’t matter that the clock that you’re supposed to be working, it doesn’t matter, whatever. You’re oblivious to the world, you don’t care, it’s not your concern and that’s what walking without a purpose is walking slow.

Moving Slow. Not everybody has to move as fast as I do on certain things. Even though I myself believe I move slow at times, right? I have 11 or 12 topics I needed to discuss, in total time that should take 12 hours. No way that should take more than one day. There’s 24 hours in a day, but it tends to take longer than a day because I’m not walking with a purpose, I am moving slow. Let me break that down a little bit more. Just because it’s personal, so I want you to understand as well that this is a constant battle. This isn’t like we fixed this one time and we’re changed forever. This is something that once you become aware of it, you have to become aware and then shift and change and ask the question like, “What is not working? What do I need to do to become more efficient.” Right?

So moving slow is the same as what I’m doing right now, there’s 12 hours of total time. If it takes longer than one day, that means that I’m moving slow. Why am I moving slow? Because I have a purpose, but there’s a mental block, there’s something in my way that’s causing me to move slow, right? Maybe it’s the fear of success, maybe it’s exhaustion, maybe it’s, I don’t know, enter whatever word you would like to put right there. But that’s moving slow. If you’ve ever seen somebody, they’re dragging their feet. If you’re asking someone to get an assignment done and an assignment that could probably take 10 minutes and an hour later, you go in there and you ask them, “So where’s the assignment.” And they’re like, “Oh, I haven’t started yet.” “What have you been doing?” “Oh, I’ve been preparing.” Or, “I’ve been doing this.” Or, “I’ve been giving you some type of excuse.” That’s moving slow, right? That’s not a person that has a purpose. That’s moving slow, they’re not moving very fast.

Not having energy. The law of inertia. Once in motion, somethings tends to stay in motion. Once at rest, things tend to stay at rest. Not having any energy comes from not putting forth energy, right? So, it’s like it compounds on itself. If you have no energy behind something, right? Because when we’re talking about energy right here, we’re not just talking about, I’m energized, like the Energizer Bunny just du, du, du. No, we’re talking about like energy in anything, right? Energy as a whole, right? Kinetic energy whatever, the different types of energy. So each of us have an energy about ourselves.

Think of the snowball effect, right at the beginning, the snowball effect, I’m explaining what that is first before like, “Well, what’s that Erik? I don’t understand.” All right. So if you had a top of a hill and you have a small snowball, right? A little ball of snow and you push it down the hill, then eventually it’s going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, right? Because while it’s rolling, it’s collecting more snow. And while it’s rolling, it’s compacting and growing and compacting and growing, right?

So it’s the same thing as not having any energy. So if you can get the snowball to move, because in the beginning, before it has any energy, it’s hard to get anything started, right? So it makes sense why if before you have the purpose, you don’t have the energy. But once you start moving, there comes a point where the energy starts to grow, and then something that seemed difficult yesterday is now easy, right?

And it’s not about you learning a new skill well, it is about learning a new skill, but it’s this muscle memory in your brain. Something was uncomfortable. So you do it over and over and over and over and over then the energy behind it, it becomes faster and easier. So when I’m going through anything, we even do these classes right here. The first two or three of them are going to take forever. I don’t have energy behind it. I’m not walking with a purpose. Yes, do I have a purpose, but I’m not walking with a purpose. Now, once my mind understands the process, right? It was like, okay, in the beginning, it’s fumbling, this is new, I don’t know what to do, what are the steps? Because there’s a lot of steps in the beginning. I don’t know. Your brain’s confused, right? So it’s difficult to pinpoint where you’re going to put or focus the energy that you need, right?

And that’s why, it’s not just about energy, I ate some food and I have energy. It’s a much larger picture when I’m discussing energy, right? But once I get that snowball big and starts rolling on its own. Well then the energy that I have about myself towards this project is going to 10X itself. I’m going to have more energy. And then when I finish another one, I’m going to have even more energy and I’ll be more pumped up, right? It’s the same with running, right? Have you ever got that second wind? That’s because your mind now understands that I need to put energy towards this, right?

Being monotonous; same thing every week. If you were to eat the same breakfast, the same lunch, the same dinner, that’s not living. That’s a robot, right? It’s literally a robot, go in bed at the same time, watching the same TV. Everything is the same as it was last week. That’s not living, you don’t have a purpose. It’s monotonous, it’s going to destroy you. It’s not like it might destroy you. It’s going to destroy. It’s going to break you down little by little, and it’s going to happen at such a small speed that you’re not going to notice it. And that’s what’s scary about this, about monotonous schedules. Is you don’t notice, right? Until you do, and by the time you do notice, it’s like what happened? Right? And that happens with being in a monotonous routine. It’s just over and over and over and over, you don’t notice, right?

And part of it’s because it’s so small, like gaining weight. If you take a picture from one year before, and then one year later, you’re like, “Whoa, what happened?” But if every day you look in the mirror, you will not notice a difference. And it’s because you’re seeing the difference little by little, every single day, you’re not looking at it one month, by month, by month. You’re looking at it every single day, so your body’s shifting and adjusting in such a small manner every day you don’t notice. And that’s the same thing with having the same schedule, doing the same thing, having the same friends, reading the same type of books, watching the same YouTube, listening to the same music. You’re programming yourself to be the same, right? Inspiration comes from seeing something outside of what you usually see, right?

So if you’re in a monotonous schedule, and you don’t do anything different throughout the entire day, throughout the entire week, throughout the entire year, everything is programmed just like a robot, you’re never going to have inspiration because there’s nothing around you. There’s no stimulus to stimulate, any new receptors in your brain, because you’re not seeing anything different. It’s the same tree over here, it’s the same stoplight over here, it’s the same McDonald’s on the way to work, it’s the same Starbucks coffee. It’s the same over and over and over, at the beginning of it, you might have a huge purpose. You might be like, this is the best job I’ve ever had. This is the best thing that’s going to change my entire life. But by the end of it, you’re going to grow old and gray and tired of doing the same thing over and over. You have to stimulate yourself, you have to stimulate your brain.

Friends, remember we’re talking about walking without a purpose. Friends, underachievers, you don’t need them. I understand they might’ve been in your life since you were three, might be your best friend. Best everything, doesn’t matter. Been through it for you, been loyal, all this other kind of stuff. But when you think about it, how loyal is somebody, if they allow you to stay the same? That’s not a loyal friend, a loyal friend is somebody who yells and screams at you and wants you to do better, right? You might be like, “What do you mean, man?”

When you’re a little kid, when you’re growing up, your parents hopefully, right? I don’t know. I lost mine when I was 10, 11. But what I do remember of parents and the brief little years that I do remember of having parents, they were your guiding stone, your guiding stick rather. So if you went off course they yell at you, or discipline you in a manner, right? Now, when you get older, no I’m not saying all parents are like this, now this is the picturesque family. I don’t know. I didn’t grow up with a family. So I don’t know. But in my mind, I’m envisioning that this is the concept of parents and how it’s supposed to be, right?

Your parents guide you and protect you. And then when you become an adult, you guide yourself and protect yourself off of what your parents, consequences, or gave you consequences for, or disciplined you for, or whatever. So that you wouldn’t run into the brick wall when you get older. Now, when we look at our parents again, this is a picturesque image. We don’t look at our parents in a negative light. We look at them and we were like, “Well, thank you.” Right? But with friends, we want our friends to agree with us, which doesn’t make any sense because if you’re not doing, okay. So you have all the potential in the world to take over the world and whatever subject you like, right?

If it’s computers, you could be the best programmer. If it’s art, you could be the best artists. If it’s music, you’re the best pianist. If it’s sports, you’re the best water polo player, or basketball player, football player, soccer player. Doesn’t matter if you’re the best mathematician, you get the point, right? If you have the potential to be that, but your friend, his max potential is McDonald’s. But you guys known each other since you were two, that’s your best friend, but how much of a friend is he really if he allows you to live his life, but does not force you to live the life that you’re supposed to have? Remember you have the potential to be the greatest at whatever it is that you want to be. Your friend, greatest person in the world. Their potential is McDonald’s, it does not go any higher than McDonald’s.

You cannot argue with me that being around that friend is detrimental to your success, period. And if it’s a true friend, they’re going to tell you the truth, they’re going to tell you to get away. best scene from a movie, I just watched it yesterday. I watched the scene on YouTube. The scene comes from Good Will Hunting. It’s when Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are talking, they’re drinking a beer after work. And Matt Damon, he’s the genius he’s talking about, when we’re 50, we’re going to have kids together, live next door, be neighbors, have kids and take our kids to the ballpark, Fenway. And Ben Affleck, his friend. He’s like, “If in 20 years you are still doing this, I’m going to kill you.” And he says, “This isn’t a joke. I’m going to kill you.”

Now, Matt Damon, he looks at him, looks at him kind of crazy. Like, “What do you mean? Why would you do that?” And then Ben Affleck answers and said, “You have what none of us have. You have the ability to be the best.” I am not going to explain word by word, but the moral of the story is that he was a friend. He told his friend, he told his best friend. He said the best time of my day is for the brief 10 seconds when I walk from my car to your house. And I pray to God that you’re not there, not a goodbye nothing, just gone. That’s what I pray for every day. Now that is a friend because he’s willing to sacrifice what he wants for himself, for the betterment of someone he loves. Now, when you look at your friends, if you cannot say the same, get rid of them, you don’t need them.

Procrastination. Procrastination gets us all. I do not care who you are, how much you’ve achieved in life, how many YouTube videos you tell everybody how you are on the ball and you work for 28 straight hours every day without missing a beat, and you don’t procrastinate on anything. I don’t believe it, not one word of it, not at all. Everybody procrastinates, right? But it depends on how you procrastinate. I’m going to say that again. Every single person procrastinates, but it depends on how they procrastinate.

Now me, when I procrastinate, I’m doing a different project, right? So yesterday when I was procrastinating, I didn’t really want to create this chapter. I was like, “I don’t want to do this.” So I decided to work on a different project. So I was still moving forward, even though I was procrastinating. But most of the time people don’t move forward when they procrastinate, they just procrastinate and they want to go play a video game, go do something that does not move them forward, they just do it just because, why not?

That’s not going to get you where you want to be. That’s walking without a purpose. I’ve structured my life. I’ve structured things to where I would like to walk with a purpose. Now we’re going to go over what walking with the purpose looks like now, but just keep that in mind when you’re procrastinating, we all procrastinate, just some people have figured when they procrastinate, they work on other projects. And some people, when they procrastinate, they do nothing. Very different, but both people are procrastinating.

All right. Now let’s move forward to walking with a purpose

Walking With The Purpose is to have a plan of action for everything being an early riser, having two work days in one focus, horse blinders on and manage time. 

Have a plan of action for everything, Again, walking with a purpose. So if you’re going to go to the bathroom. What is your plan? Usually your body’s telling you got to go. You don’t just go in there, look at the toilet and be like, “What am I supposed to do with this?” You have a plan of action. Your body said, “I got to go to the bathroom and I’m going to go.” So boom, plan of action. And for the most of us at the end of it we succeed. I bring that up because that’s not how it was when we first started.

Look at a baby, a baby does not understand that plan of action. So let’s start with something we do on a daily basis each and every one of us go to the bathroom every single day. But the simple fact of us going to the bathroom how simple it is, was not how it started. We had to have a plan and we had to repeat that plan over and over and over, before it got ingrained into our minds and be like, “Okay, that’s our plan of action.” So when you’re doing anything, any kind of project that you want, walk with a purpose by having a plan of action. Now, it doesn’t necessarily go that way, how you envisioned your plan, it never goes to the T. At least maybe it doesn’t for me. Maybe I need to plan better. However, having a plan is like a skeleton, a backbone. It’s a map, it’s your treasure map.

Imagine some pirates looking for treasure. If they have no map, they’re just sailing around aimlessly. Looking for booty. But if they have a plan of action, they have a map, they have something to follow. Now on that map, it might not tell them that on this particular day, they’re going to have a hell of a storm. It doesn’t say that on the map. So they couldn’t plan for that one for it was going to happen that day. But they were prepared that there was going to be hiccups throughout the road. So they understood that, it might storm on us. So let’s go ahead and plan for that let’s plan that it might storm, let’s plan that we might not have any food, let’s plan that we might not have any water, let’s plan to go get our gold, our booty, whatever.

So their map was their bigger plan, that’s where they’re headed. But it says have a plan of action for everything. So just having the map and that’s your major plan, that’s your plan of action. But you got to plan for this, you got to plan for that, you got to think of this, you got to think of that, if you don’t think of this stuff, trust me, it’s going to happen to you in the worst time possible. Bad things never happen at a good time. Bad things always happen at a bad time.

Being an early riser. That’s just mandatory until you get to where you’re going, the early bird catches the worm. That is, I don’t care what anyone wants to argue about. And again, once you are where you want to be, do whatever you want, but there’s no way you’re going to succeed in anything in life, if you wake up after everybody, right? It’s just not going to happen. You can’t wake up after everybody expect that you’re going to get things done faster and more efficient and get more done than people that’s already been working for three or four hours, right? This isn’t possible. It is 6:22 in the morning right now. I’ve already rode the bike for an hour, rode 20 miles, did my juicing, wasted time. I’ve wasted about 30 minutes this morning, just wasted time. Went to the bathroom and went to the store got some coffee. And now I’m making this video, it’s 6:23.

If you wake up at eight, you’re never going to accomplish in a day what I accomplish, if you wake up at six, it’s only 6:23, and I have been working on this chapter for 30 minutes. So if you’d woke up at six, I’m already in the middle of something. So beginning an early riser is almost the key to being, or walking with a purpose. If you do not wake up early, there is no way you can compete against somebody who does. I know you’re going to be like am a night owl. Why? Nothing’s open, everything’s closed the day’s over. There’s no point and no benefit to being a late owl and staying up all night, opposed to being an early riser. Being an early riser, you’re waking up when a night owls on their last leg about the fall asleep.

You’re not going to succeed, you’re not going to beat me. If you’re trying to work, you’ve been up all day trying to work at one o’clock in the morning and I’m waking up at one o’clock in the morning. Who do you think is going to be more efficient? Me or you? I would have to argue, I’m going to be much more productful, or efficient and produce a hell of a lot more with a fresh brain, opposed to you who’s on your last leg, tired and groggy barely keeping your opening eyes open  falling asleep. You should have gone to bed hours ago and you could be waking up right now, fresh and ready to go. So be an early riser.

Having two work days in one. I know that this doesn’t sound like, wait, how? I just explained it a little bit. I’ve already done more in my work day at 6:23 and now it’s 6:25 in the morning than most people will do in a day, right? Rode my bike, working right now. I woke up a little late, I was on the bike at about two. So I’ve been up for about four and a half hours. Did my juicing, made some videos, worked a little bit more. Now I’m doing this, even wasted a little bit of time. So I had a whole work day. By the time I’m done with this chapter, it’ll be a work day. So how can you have two of those in one day?

Well, after I write this chapter and maybe get something to eat I can take a nap, Just to recharge. And then anything that I accomplish when I rewake up, is a whole nother day. So when I go running this afternoon and I brainstorm, which is what I do in my afternoon day, is a completely different day, in my mind. you guys have 365 days, I have double that. Why? Because I wake up so early in the morning and then I take a nap. And then I wake back up, I wake back up as if it’s a brand new day.

I’m going to go over that one more time. Just in case you didn’t catch what I said. If you need to sleep eight hours in a day, why do you have to sleep eight hours in a row? What if you just slept four hours and then slept another four hours later on. You’re still sleeping eight hours in a day, you’re just doing it at a different time. You’re creating two days. Of course, maybe you need to sleep 20 hours. I don’t know, but for me, if I need to sleep eight hours, I’d rather just break it up. The second nap, after I get my good sleep before I wake up around one or two, that second one, it’s only about an hour to two hours because I don’t want to be too groggy. You don’t want to go into a deep, deep sleep. You just want to recharge. A deep sleep is really difficult to get up. But if you just recharge yourself, it’s literally like you were sleeping for a while and it’s a brand new day. How do you have two working days in one, wake up early.

Focused horse blinders on. The horse blinders. So with your horse blinders, what that means, if you’ve ever seen a horse running, they have these little blinders, so they can’t see anything. They say it’s so the horse doesn’t get scared, I’m not really sure I’m not a horse. Maybe when I’m Dr. Doolittle, I’ll talk to a horse and he’ll tell me what they really do for them. But as far as what they advertise to keep the horse focused on the race, so it doesn’t get distracted by the horse beside it.

You need to do that. If you’re going to walk with a purpose, you have to have your blinders on. Where you cannot see anything to your right, and you can’t see anything to your left. You have to be so hyper-focused on your project there are no distractions. You can’t just pick up your phone and in the middle of what you’re doing. It’s not going to work. Every time you look at the phone, every time you pick up your phone, you’re distracting yourself.

Nothing’s going to change, in the 30 minutes or one hour that you’re focused to do what you need to do, nothing’s going to change drastically. So keep those horse blinders on, stay focused. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted. What I do, I’ll turn my phone off, if I have a big project. This is not a big project, this is a medium sized project. So my time isn’t of the essence, so it’s not as difficult. But when I’m in a difficult project that I know is going to take a couple of weeks, I’ll cut everything off. I will literally shut everybody out.

And at first they didn’t quite get it, but now they are starting to understand, “He’s not taking anything personal, he’s working”. And then when I’m done working, I have a project to show, but that’s the only way I can do it. I cannot have distractions, I cannot have other people’s emotions affect my own. I do not care if you’re having a bad day, do not tell me because I don’t want your griping session to affect my day.

My day needs to focus on what I’m doing. And every time that I pick up the telephone, or every time I hear what your problem is, or every time I hear little Susie or a little Jimmy or whatever it is, or the dog bark or whatever, I am breaking my focus. And I’m opening up a horse blinder, and I’m allowing my mental focus to be diverted away from where it needs to be. And that’s not fair to myself, and that’s not fair to my family or really you guys, whatever. You have to stay hyper-focused, and the only way you can do that is by keeping the horse blinders on.

Managing time. One of the most important things, but also one of the most difficult things. How are you going to have two working days? How are you going to have a plan of action for everything? How are you going to become an early riser? All this has to do with basically one thing and it’s time. What are you doing to manage your time efficiently? There’s 24 hours in a day. I just explained to you how you could have two working days so I can accomplish twice as much as other people, something that will take a year for an overachiever to do. I will do in a half a year because I’m overachieving in one day, and then I’m having another day in that same day, when your overachievers only having one day, I’m having two.

How is this possible? Because I manage my time. Now people might look at it. Well, you don’t have any fun. Well, I’m enjoying myself I like what I’m doing. So how am I not having any fun if I’m enjoying myself? With managing your time, it’s imperative that you manage it correctly and do something that you love. Because if you need a vacation in your life, you’re obviously not doing something that you love. You can ask some friends. I was on vacation at the Hilton, beautiful on the beach. I was having a panic attack. I was the most miserable, no, I didn’t like it. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy, no, I really don’t. I think vacations are boring and they drive me out of my mind.

I don’t need a vacation. My life is a vacation. I’m doing exactly what I want to do with myself. So why do I need to go somewhere and sit and do absolutely nothing. That I cannot do, that is torture to do nothing. You want me to lay here? It’s hot. Let’s do something. Can’t do it. Vacations are boring to me. When a vacation becomes boring to you, then you know you’re doing the right thing. You’re doing what God, or whatever Allah, or Buddha, or Krishna or, Jah, or Erik Johnson. Whatever you’re praying to your people, your higher power for, if you need a vacation, you are doing the wrong thing.

If you are on a vacation and you are like, “This is miserable. Let me just get back to what I was doing.” Then you’re doing the right thing. Whatever it is in your life is your vacation. So make sure you find whatever you’re doing, because walking with a purpose, having that purpose. Is your thing. And that’s the golden covenant or whatever you want to call it the relic that the Catholics are trying to hide, or they always lose and always on a mission to find.

It’s that, that’s your purpose, whatever your purpose is, you have to guard it and you have to really live by it. Because when you live with a purpose and you have a purpose and every day, you have a plan of action to work on that purpose. Every day, you’re waking up early. Why? Because you are so excited to get to that purpose. You’re having two work days because you know that you need two days so that you can accomplish twice as much because you understand time. You’re so focused that you have the horse blinders on that nothing is going to divert you from what it is that you’re trying to accomplish your purpose, right? Once you find that purpose, then you’ll be able to manage your time. See you in the next chapter.

Table Of Contents

  1. Live In The Here And Now
  2. Walk With A Purpose
  3. All You Need Is 2 Dollars
  4. A Man Can’t Be A Man Without A Plan
  5. Does It Hurt Yet
  6. Be Careful When You Are Using Someone That Person Could Be Using You
  7. Use Em, Abuse Em & Lose Em: A Zero Sum Game
  8. Picking your own shit
  9. I hate people – people are stuupid
  10. I stay ready It keeps me from having to get ready
  11. Be Selfish
  12. Either You Do Or You Don’t

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