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Brainstorming My Why On Juicing

I my first little thing brainstorming, I need to just have a camera, so I’m brainstorming and like you catch a brainstorm because once a camera’s on now, I’m talking to the camera. I’m not brainstorming anymore, but what else talking about or brainstorming about what kind of, how to introduce juicing to different people and, and for me I know X what, I’m day number two, but I’m going into this first off. If you’re just going to start tomorrow with that stupid I’ve. If you’ve been taking my other, my classes or whatever, all you need is 10 minutes, a little fitness, I’ve been paying attention to what I’ve been doing then you’ll kind of know that I’ve been trying to work on getting my water my water intake up, not trying to eat sugar, all that kind of good stuff.

So I’ve been over the years, especially if you know me personally, I don’t eat sugar at all. Like I, I, I own sweets now, but every morning in, since I’ve been working out and, you know, started this little adventure, I’ve been paying close attention to my coffee and every morning, cause there’s two very highly addictive things in what I do for my coffee. All right. Caffeine is very addictive. The second one is sugar is very addictive, right? So the caffeine in the coffee and then the sugar, which probably that’s caffeine, maybe, I don’t know, what’s an overs in sugar is also very addictive. So my morning routine, and then I eat a bandana banana, which I mean it potassium, but it’s pretty sweet. That would, that would fill my stomach ups. You know, sometimes I’d eat a sandwich or something like that, maybe an omelet, but for the most part, I wouldn’t eat very much food in the morning time. So the starving of myself is a little bit normal because I didn’t eat a very big breakfast anyways. When I eat a lot of food, I tend to get sleepy. So that’s part of the reason why I wanted to do the juicing too.

Shoot the vitamins in me. Great. And then try to optimize my, my, my focus and my productivity through different vegetables and fruits. And because if I eat them, then I’d get hung like sleepy, but it drinking them. I’m trying to see if it has a different effect on me. Right? So that brings up a good point where I just said that I have a mission while I’m doing why I’m doing this. Right. I have very definite reasons why I’m experimenting, right? I’m not just going into this Willy nilly and be like, Oh, juicy. And it’s the next crave I’m going to do it. No, I’m not doing that at all. I’m I have specific missions, specific things I’m looking at and looking, you know, observing in myself, which I’m going to be changing. Right. So part of like, okay, we have a few things, my kidneys, I was kind of feeling kind of heavy back there. I wanted to figure out what is it? Is it, is it the coffee that I’m drinking? Cause I do, I eat pretty healthy, but I wanted to reset everything when it comes to like my kidneys. Cause that process is, you know, your stuff. So I want to clean that all out. Right? My intestines, they say that you, you hold a whole bunch of, you know, fecal metal matter in your intestines from years ago.

I’m, can’t get rid of these love handles as much as I wanted. Right. So I’m thinking, all right, well I’m holding weight. All right. I don’t care about the poop that it’s holding that doesn’t, that’s not why I’m doing it. I’m doing it because I got love handles and I’m trying to flush myself out. If I can clean out a few pounds, all right, then what’s wrong with that. Right. I’d rather be clean anyway. Right.


Those are two of the distinct reasons and why I’m doing it for my body. Right. But for my mind,


I want to, I want to see, well, no, cause this is more mine. The other part,

The body’s more than muscle development. By trying different vegetables and fruits, I’m trying to find what I w what works best for me on muscle develop, like on muscle development being able to find my proteins to rebuild, to, you know, to rejuvenate my muscles and have them ready for the next day. Because through working out every day, I’m trying to, you know, be healthier, right. And trying to see which vegetables react the best with me. So each person is different. I could read a book and I’d be like, yeah, that’s going to work. But maybe that person is completely D has a completely different genetic makeup than I do. So it worked for that person, but it might not work for me. So that’s why I’m I giving myself a whole month. Now, if you pay attention during this little series, you’re going to hear me complain and whine and, and say, I’m going to quit, but that’s typical.

That’s what we go through on our mind. Right. We are trying to convince ourselves to quit majority of the time. But if we just do it and ignore ourselves, somebody, we finally get things done. Right. But are the biggest battle is the battle within yourself to like, basically fight yourself on whether you’re going to do something or you’re not right. That’s the biggest battle that you have to with constantly, all the other exterior bottles are easy compared to the battle of dealing with yourself. Like either I’m going to do this or I’m not going to do this. Right. So

With that being said, like mentally, while I’m, while I’m trying to vegetables and all this and the juicing, because what they’re saying is there is like a shot of nutrients going into your, your, your bloodstream fastest while you’re, you’re chopping everything up and exchange and extracting the juice. Right. So you’re trying to extract the, some of the vitamins, right. You’re not getting all the nutrients of the vegetables. So I’m going to try to figure out how I’m, how I can incorporate that. Cause you know, greedy you’ll want all the vegetables. I don’t want just some some of the, some of the nutrients I want all of it. Right. So if it’s a kind of like a, like a shot of cocaine, right. Where it instantly goes into your, your bloodstream. Well, if the juice of the vegetables are instantly going into your bloodstream, once you know, I go through the, the mental block, then it should immediately affect whether it’s my focus or whatever it is.

Maybe I find some vegetable that, that works well with determination. Right. I’m not sure. Like right now everything’s working kind of counterproductive against me, but that’s also means, cause I’m, I’m everything that’s been working thus far, the caffeine and the sugar, I’m like, that’s done. So my body’s over here arguing with me and like, well what’s going on? Where’s the caffeine. Where’s the sugar. I need the caffeine. I need the sugar. I need to get going. All right. Well, when I don’t have the caffeine or the sugar, my body’s over here, couldn’t move this more. I couldn’t get out of bed. I wasn’t motivated. I was like, man, screw it is I don’t and I’ve never done this. Well, of course I’ve done it, but Sober because I didn’t drink

Beer. I didn’t do anything. Like I was extremely boring. Last night, I drank my vegetable juice and then read and fell asleep. You’re not smoke a little weed, but whatever. Well, this morning I didn’t want to move. I want to get out of bed. I made a horrible video, right. This really affected me in a negative way. But then we also have to remember we’re detoxing. I’ve been on the sugar and caffeine diet for years. So it makes, it would make sense that it’s going to be a little bit before my mind is like, okay, we can survive without the sugar and the caffeine and the alcohol. Right. So keep giving it a chance. Don’t give up, keep going. If you’re having problems. If, if you’re just starting, like I am. But yeah, first thing you need to do is have a definite reason why you’re doing this. Right. So I told you, I just, I, off a few of the reasons there’s more because there’s more vegetables. Right. and then I’m learning more about this and some of the vegetables don’t work. So I got to experiment a little bit different ways. And like I said, there’s a lot of discard of the vegetable, which there’s still nutrients in there. So I want to kind of figure out how I can incorporate that in my life as well. It’s already there. I might as well use it. Right.

So yeah, there’s a lot to this that this is the beginning of the journey, but while you’re even considering this, make sure you do one thing and that’s a definite reason why you’re doing this. Don’t just do it Willy nilly because there’s no point what are your definite goals? What are you trying to accomplish? And then go from there. Alright.

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