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Don’t live your life scared of money, Believe me, and remember; Fuck You Make Money

Most people’s first reaction when they read this quote is “I am not scared of money!”I would like to challenge us all, and say “yes most of us are scared of money”, I forgot where I heard this or read it, but it is very true because in my personal life I experienced it. The rich discuss money with their kids, while the poor do not. When I was growing up with my rich white family talking about money was a fun subject, money was not a stressful topic. When I lived with my black family, money was never really talked about, I started very young learning that money was nothing more than a tool to acquire things, in life we need lots of different tools, look at lowes or home depot. So if we agree in life we need lots of tools, and we also agree money is a tool, then it would only make sense to be like lowes or home depot and have many tools in your “money arsenal”.  What is a “money arsenal”? A money arsenal is all the different ways you can make money, so your money arsenal would be a collection of the ways you can make money. If you only have one way of making money then you are not very prepared. There has never been a time in history, where the process of making money has been this equal, the internet has changed everything. The master and slave way of life can finally be overcome. The only way we overcome this perpetual way of thinking is to no longer be scared of money. 

If we continue to think as we did in the past then we will be stuck in the past, people become musicians and actors for the residual, intellectual property. They make a song or a movie and depending on the contract they could be paid from that song or movie for the rest of their lives (royalties). This used to be a difficult process, to create intellectual property, 50 years ago when you wanted to write a book you actually had to write it and use a dictionary to spell words correctly. Now we have different color lines telling us if the word is spelled wrong or the grammar is wrong. To make movies you needed huge amounts of money for cameras, and crew, now you just need your cellphone. The same with music, you were at the mercy of a record label, now, who cares about the record labels? If you get popular you just make your own label. In the past, it was very difficult to create a product that would pay you for the rest of your life. Now you only need an idea and a phone.

Let’s discuss my bookstore, a scared timid mind only has the imagination of thinking like a slave and sees one tool added to the money arsenal. However let me explain how one book adds 5 different tools to my arsenal, and having a bookstore is an unlimited way to continue to build my money arsenal. 

Any book:

  1. Selling the book
    1. I can either send the book to amazon, I can sell the book at my estate sells, I can sell the book at my auctions
  2. Creating a book review
    1. Just like a movie review or a product review, I can use an affiliate link and gain commission for every sale I bring to amazon to buy the book. What is an affiliate link? We all know the process of the car salesmen, they sell a car  and they collect a commission for every customer they sell a car to. Well, the internet is the same way an affiliate link is your special code that you use to make a commission for every book or other product you sell.
  3. Filming the book review
    1. Once you have enough reviews and active participating followers, youtube and Facebook will start giving you a portion of the advertising money they collect
  4. Writing notes for the book
    1. Not all of us are strong readers, but most of us have the desire to learn given the opportunity, writing the notes allows people to have a reference guide. They can attain the needed information in a faster more efficient way
  5. Teaching a class on the book
    1. The world is transitioning away from traditional education to modern education. People can learn from who they want and they can learn what they want. Teaching classes is the wave of the future, it is the best and easiest way to create intellectual property. What is even better is the creator can charge whatever is a competitive price. A music album sells for about 12$ while a class sells for around 99$

This is the thinking of someone who is not scared or timid of money, when we are timid of something we tend to avoid what we are timid of, this causes us to have a block in our creativity. When we block our creativity we become a slave to the old way of thinking “this is all I know” is the mentality of a slave, but why? If you only know how to do one thing what is keeping you from learning how to do more things? If we take a deeper look there are many different factors; friends, family, media, ourselves. 

  • Friends
    • If we do not have progressive friends, then we can fall victim to fraudulent peer pressure. It is the same as having a “herd mentality” if one friend starts selling drugs then it is almost a guarantee his friend group will follow suit. When you have a different mindset from your friends it is difficult to change. Most people will not change for a fear of the unknown and public ridicule
  • Family
    • Family can be the most judgemental people we encounter in our lives, the statement “ forgive but don’t forget” is perfect for our families. If we made mistakes in the past our family is usually the first people to remind us how “horrible” we are. It is our family who typically is our “dream crusher” telling us we can’t do something or we need to be doing something. What that does is keep us, constant, never changing. Even the thought of thinking differently from our family is shunned as early as childhood. The fear of disappointment is a powerful restrictive fear.  
  • Media
    • The media basically tells people who we are, what we can be, who we can be, and the history they want us to learn. If you are black in America your opportunities are slim (actor, athlete, music) but if you are a nigga in America it is even worse (pimp, drug dealer, Jacka). To overcome the stigma which has been placed on us is a daunting task. Changing our image to a society which loves to villainize is an intimidating task
  • Ourselves
    • If we don’t believe in ourselves then who else will? Our low self-esteem and low personal value work hand in hand in destroying our will power to overcome and challenge fears. When things get difficult we love to quit and blame something other than ourselves for quitting. Learning not to be scared of money is going to be difficult, enriching your brain with intellectual stimulation can be and will be a lifelong endeavor, for those who chose to face their fears. However most of us will choose the life of a slave because it is easier, we don’t have to think, we are just told what to do and we follow.

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us live our lives controlled by the very fear I just explained. For us, as a people to prosper in the future we must take the FYMM approach to everything and expand our mental capacity and in turn keep learning new and innovative ways to build our money arsenals.