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I feel like we’re having a real conversation no lies, If you ride with me I’ll ride with you till I die, No matter if it causes my sister to cry, Just remember I died for the cause open your eyes, And ask why

In today’s society, it is imperative for us as a people to cease from living a meaningless life. How many conversations does each of us have in a day that does not have any meaning? We as a race of people even came up with a phrase to define worthless communications we call it “small talk.” How many of us see exaggerating as being a harmless little lie that will not affect anything, but we use it to boost the story and give ourselves a false sense of pride. This quote challenges us to stop having worthless conversations and start having real meaningful conversations. Only when we as a human race stop wasting time with each other and begin to have real conversations will we begin the process of growing. It saddens me at what the world has become, no longer do we care about our future and the futures of our descendants. We are more concerned with watching television and trying to emulate people we will never become. Conversations in the past were meaningful, black people actually had conversations on how to grow as a race. We were organized and driven, to advance our society and our mental abilities. In those days we took ourselves seriously, nowadays we idolize phrases like “I made a 100K without going to college”  how ridiculous is that?  

Now we have the understanding that having a real conversation is one emulated from forgotten leaders of the past or conversations with intellectual value. Once we move past the bullshit of worthless conversations and proceed with authentic conversations it will have an unconscious effect on our psychological makeup, it will allow our brains to advance at a faster rate. It also will have a positive effect on our abilities to understand and be empathic to ourselves and others. If you ride with me I’ll ride with you till I die,  shows the extent of commitment we need to survive in the world to come. This statement could be construed to be negative or detrimental but we have already discussed what the intention of this statement is, having a “real conversation.” Imagine a society where we are not having “small talk” discussing last night’s ballgame, or how the club was last weekend, what date the next pair of Jordans come out, how “fly” our ride is, you know the typical everyday conversation. There is nothing wrong with those conversations, but in a progressive society, there is nothing progressive or productive about them either. The inverse society FYMM is creating is based on enlightenment and intelligence, having mentally stimulating conversations about; travel, history, sciences, and personal growth. A quick example: A few months ago a friend of mine was showing me pictures, one of the pictures was a picture of a lot of shoes, she showed me the picture with a sense of amazement, like having a collection of shoes was a progressive thing. A few nights ago a group of us were analyzing and strategizing our next moves. During the discussion I was asked how many properties I own, I told them I have 7. The conversation I had with my friend before about the shoes flashed in my head, and I thought I don’t collect shoes, I collect real estate. That is the difference in the thinking, one style of thinking is detrimental because it allows you to collect liabilities, FYMM thinking allows you to collect assets, things that appreciate over time. Although that is just a simple example, if you analyze the message you will see the power in it. One way of thinking is short term and based on clouding our minds with liabilities, thoughts, and actions which do not appreciate over time. While FYMM thinking forces you to expand your mind and conquer your niggerish tendencies.

Over the course of about two centuries we have been trained to have a short term thinking, and only being concerned with short term gratification. Over the last century, our intellect has decreased at a staggering rate. I fear that if we do not do something drastic to alter our thinking all of our ancestors who struggled and died will have died in vain. Please take a moment to remember all of the forgotten heroes who sacrificed themselves for our advancement. It only seems just to follow suit and give our lives to the very cause our heroes did, the advancement of our people. So as the lesson states. “Just remember I died for the cause open your eyes and ask why.”