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  1. in general:  two companies are affiliated when one owns less than the majority of the voting stock of the other or when both are subsidiaries of a third company a subsidiary is a company of which more than 50% of the voting Shares are owned by another Corporation Charmed the parent company a subsidiary is always by definition an affiliate but subsidiary is the preferred term when majority control exist in everyday use affiliate is the correct word for intercompany relationships however indirect where the parents of Syd Berry relationship does not exist
  2.  Banking Act of 1933:  any organization that bank owns or controls buy stock Holdings or which the bank’s shareholders own or whose officers are also directors of the bank
  3.  Internal Revenue Service:  for purposes of Consolidated tax returns and Affiliated group is composed of companies whose parent or other inclusive corporation owns at least 80% of voting stock
  4.  Interstate Commerce Commission account 706:
    1.  controlled by the accounting company alone or with others under a joint agreement
    2. controlling the accounting company alone or with others under a joint agreement
  5.  Investment Company Act:  company in which there is any direct or indirect ownership of 5% or more of the outstanding voting securities

All In

underwriting shorthand for all included referring to an issuer’s interest…

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