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Aggregate Exercise Price

 in stock options trading the number of shares in a put or call contract normally 100 * the exercise price the price of the option call the premium is a separate figure not included in the aggregate exercise price a July call option on 100 XYZ at 70 wood for example have an exercise price of 100 number Sears time 70 price per share of 7000 if exercised on or before the July expiration date in options traded on debt instruments which include government National Mortgage Association pass-throughs treasury bills Tino’s treasury bonds and certain municipal bonds the aggregate exercise price is determined by multiplying the face value of the underlying security by the exercise Plies price for example the aggregate exercise price of Apple option treasury bond December 90 would be 90000 if exercise on or before its December expiration date the calculation being 90% * that hundred thousand face value of the underline Bond

All In

underwriting shorthand for all included referring to an issuer’s interest…

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