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Agreement Among Underwriters

  1. contract between participating members of an investment banking Syndicate sometimes called Syndicate contract or purchase group agreement it is the guys from the underwriting agreement which is signed by the company issuing the Securities and The Syndicate manager acting as agent for the underwriting group
  2.  the agreement among Underwriters
    1.  appoints the originating investment banker at Syndicate manager agent 
    2.  appoint additional managers if considered advisable
    3.  Define members proportionate liability( usually limited to the amount of their participation) and agrees to pay each members share on settlement date
    4.  authorizes the manager to form an allocate units is selling group and agrees to abide by the rules of the selling group agreement
    5.  State the life of The Syndicate usually running until 30 days after termination of the selling group or ending earlier by Mutual consent

All In

underwriting shorthand for all included referring to an issuer’s interest…

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